388 E Main Rd • Conneaut, OH 44030 • Phone: (440)593-2209

White Turkey Hours
Mother's Day Weekend - Labor Day
Daily: 11am-10pm

image Chili Cheese Fries
image Counter Top Juke Box
image Menu flanked by a sundae and a root beer float
image Turkey Sandwich
image Ice Cream Sundae
image Turkey Sandwich
image Turkey Sandwich

"An American gem! These types of places are rare. Great quality, service and value. This place is immaculately clean and a summer wouldn't be complete without a few trips to the White Turkey."

- Mary Lou Thewes
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"I love everything about this place. The owners work along side of the staff. The food is great, the atmosphere is great, everyone is friendly and it is well worth the drive, wish it was local!"

- Ayrn
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"The root beer floats are worth the drive alone. The turkey sandwich was branded as 'best I ever had' by our daughter. We enjoyed everything we had."

- Harris R. Wood
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"The burgers, fries and root beer floats are great. The take you back in time as does the classic cars that always seem to show up. They put a new twist on fast food with their shredded turkey sandwich. Belly up to the counter and play the Beach Boys on the jukebox!! Look to your right or left and you might see me sitting there."

- Big G from Erie
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"I LOVE this place! Everytime we're in Conneaut, we have to stop at White Turkey Drive-In. Heck, we've been known to drive 30 miles out of our way just to stop there. The food is awesome, the root beer is phenomenal, and the atmosphere is so nice (I love the addition of the garden out back). We've been going here every summer since I was a litlte kid, and I've never had a bad experience. They're cash only, but the price is super-cheap and there's an ATM out back. This really is a summer destination."

- Stacey C.
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"Adorable venue. The family likes to take a trip out here at least once a summer (we would go more often if it was closer). The turkey burgers are very good. I like the turkey burger with cheese/bacon. I've also had the cheeseburgers which are good.

Definitely have one of the root beer drinks. My favorite is the black cow - ice cream and root beer mixed together....yum :)

Part of the experience is sitting around the counter outside in the summer. However if they are really busy or you have a larger group there are plenty of picnic tables in the back."

- Hannah D.
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image White Turkey Drive-In Established 1932 black and white photo and retro sign.